Aadhyamic Chetna samiti (REGD.)

Summary of Achievements of the Samiti (from 2004 till now)
Year 2004
  • Establishment-12th  April
  • Membership mission all over India.
  • Organized a music competition at Delhi state level on 10th oct.2004.
Year 2005
  • Published 100 copies (in Braille script ) each of Sri of sunderkand, sri Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Durga Chalisa, stotra Pyishum, Prarthana and Aarti sudha, Vedic Prarthna and Sandhya and books on Guru Geeta.
  • Celebration of first foundation day at large sale on 24th April 2005.
  • Published and released first Souvenier of Samiti
  • Distribution of Audio Cassettes to visually handicapped children of Classes Xth and XIIth
  • Braille books distributed in Blind School All over India, through Registered Posts.
  • 'Harigeeta' Published in Braille for the first time
  • Provided financial help to 'Haryana Handicapped and Mahila Vikas Sangh,
  • Panipat on the occasion of Teacher"s day (5th September 2005)
Year 2006
  • Organized Delhi state level music competition.
  • Distribution of CD players in Blind Schools
  • Received 80 G Certificate from income Tax Department to carry out Welfare activities of the samiti.
Year 2007
  • Exhibition of Braille books in Ability Mela 2007 held in Blind Relief  Association, N. Delhi - 03
  • Distribution of CDs (containing Spiritual matter) to Blind Schools, All Over India, I free of cost)
  • Delhi state level music competition held on 12th August 2004 (for Blind students)
  • Transcription of, Shrimad Bhagwad  Gita, in Braille.
  • On 30th August Shrimad Bhagwad Gita was released and distributed.
  • CD and Audio Cassettes distributed to the blind students of classes 10th and 12th 
Years 2008
  • Creation of samiti`s website-www.chetnasamiti.in
  • Organization of Delhi state level music competition for Blind children.
  • Inauguration of English edition of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta (in Braille script)
Year 2009
  • Renewal of 80G Certificate by the income tax Department.
  • 5th  Delhi state level music competition was organized on 23rd  Nov.2009.(for blind children) 
  • Establishment of Braille book & Audio & CD cassettes Bank for Blind Students.
  • Shari Gopal Sahastranaam, Shri Shiv Strotavali were published in Braille script & released.
  • Provided a musical instrument 'Taanpura' to a blind child - Hari Prasad (A student of Delhi University)
Year 2010
  • 18th April 2010, Samiti Celebrated its Foundation day.
  • Release of second souvenir of Samiti publishing its five year achievements.
  • 6th music competition held on 14th September 2010
  • Shri Krishna Chalisa was published in Braille and released the same day.
Year 2011
  • Celebration of 6th foundation day in the month of April
  • 200 copies of shri Duga saptashati and chalisa were published and  distributed all over India (free of cost)
  • Aadhyatmic chetna samiti was chosen the best NGO out of 500 NGO?s by Punjab Kesri (News paper )in the month of September 2011
  • Samiti was Awarded NGO prize for its welfare activities.
  • Distributed DVD: s (assettes)to Blind students of classes XI & XII of JPM School.
  • Samiti started Awarding,samajik seva samman to the personal who helped samiti (financially)or any other )     from sep.2011
  • Organized 7th music competition for visually handicapped children in collaboration with "art of living" Shalimar Bagh Branch, Delhi
  • Planning to transcribe spiritual and Educational books in Braille.
Year 2012
  • 7th foundation day of aadhyatmic chetna samiti was held on 22nd April 2012
  • in sanatan dharam kapileshwar mandir, kapil vihar, pitampura where braille
  • slates & books were distributed toblind students.
  • 8th music competition for blind students, at delhi state level was held on
  • 30th sep 2012 in Radhakrishan Mandir, c-block, west patel nagar, delhi.
Year 2013
  • Recitation of 'chaupais' from Ram charit manas was organised for blind students for the first time on 25th April 2013, in Ipex bhavan IP-Extension, Delhi.
Year 2014
  • Recitation of 'chaupais' from Ram charit Manas was organised for blind students in Radha krishan mandir,c-block, west patel nagar new delhi on 20th April 2014.
Year 2015
  • Inaugration of computer library in Institution For the Blind Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar IV New Delhi - 24 with the cooperation of the Aadhyatmic chetna samiti , on 28th Nov 2015, by Mahamandaleshwar swami Dr. vivekanand ji Maharaj (Paramadhayaksh shri sadguru Dham Delhi, Bhawadham, Haridwar)
Year 2016
  • Aadhyatmic chetna samiti had distributed the textbooks to the poor children in the Dharamsangh Mahavidyalya, Bhadra,district Hanumangarh, Rajasthan on 6th March 2016 On the behalf Aadhyatmic chetna samiti on the 10th sep 2016 9th music competition of the Blind students was organised in institution for the blind, Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar - IV , New Delhi - 24. In this programme. Introductory of the Aadhyatmic chetna samiti and vishnu sahastranam (printed in braile language) were inaugrated.
To establish a school and a hostel for blind girls.

To establish a Public Library with Braille books for Blind people.

To promote Education in Blind students,distribution of C.D.Players & Cassettes.
To publish and distribute free Braille books to blind students.

To Organise cultural activities & competitions at(state and National Level) for Blind students.

To distribute prize and scholarship to Blind students .

To establish "Old Age Home" for Handicapped people.

To establish a permanent official building for Aadhyatmic  Chetna Samiti.

To distribute essential comodities in Blind schools.
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Appeal : Kindly help visually handicapped students by the way of Aadhyatmic chetna samiti.

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